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Museu Of Sadriddin Ayni Jalol Ikromi

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

The memorial museum, located in the Kukeldash madrasa, in Lyab-i Hauz nesemble, is devoted to the life of Sadriddin Ayni (1878-1954) and Jalol Ikromi (1909-1989), the outstanding classical writers of the Uzbek and Tajik literature.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Bukhara was a center of the Jadid reformers (Jadid from Arabic means ‘new’). This historical movement created many talented writers and poets, including Sadriddin Ayni and Jalol Ikromi. In comparison with the previous literary trends, two scholars’ works came to highlight enlightening issues. They advocated secular education and liberation of spiritual sphere. In Ayni’s poetic and prosaic legacy, one could see further development of the traditions of both classical and Jadid literature in the Uzbek and Tajik languages. His works such as “Odina,” “The Money-Lender’s Death,” “The Slaves,” “Dakhunda,” and “The Memories” are the great achievements of the Uzbek and Tajik literature.

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