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Bobur Memorial Park

Andijan, Uzbekistan

Seven kilometres (four miles) southeast of Andijan is this park, opened in 1993 to celebrate the arrival of earth brought from Babur’s Kabul grave. Entombed in marble, the earth is the centrepiece of a large garden spread over a hillside Babur was fond of visiting. Before he left Andijan for the last time he is said to have come here for a final panorama of his hometown. There is a small museum devoted to Babur and a chairlift ride to a hilltop fairground. The best time for pilgrimage is a summer Sunday morning, when regional fairs light up the park with Uzbek life. Wrestling, singing and dancing take place against a backdrop of bazaars and craft displays. From Andijan’s main bus station take one of the hourly departures to Bagishamal village or minibus 16 or 21 from the bazaar.


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