Exploring Tourism in Uzbekistan
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Uzbekistan Popular Places to Visit

Jarkurgan Minaret

Situated in the village of Minor (Kommunizm Kolkhoz), seven kilometres from the pleasant town of Jarkurgan and 38 kilometres (24 miles) from Termez, this unique minaret can be visited as a day trip from Termez or as a stopover on the way to Denau. Either way, it is well worth the visit. The main trunk of the minaret is composed of

Moynaq And The Aral Sea

The water that serveth all that country is drawn by ditches out of the River Oxus, unto the great destruction of the said river, for which it cause itfalleth not unto the Caspian Sea as it hath done in times past, and in short time all that land is like to be destroyed, and to become a wilderness for want

Igor Savitsky And Appled Art Museum

The city Nukus (Nokis in Karakalpak) is of limited interest to either tourists or inhabitants and is best used as a stopover for visits to the Aral Sea. Once you are here, however, its three affiliated museums are a must. The Karakalpak State Museum, Igor Savitsky and Appled Art Museum. The city Nukus (Nokis in Karakalpak) is of limited interest to

Buddhist Sites

Islam’s influence on Central Asia for over a millennium is so pervasive that it is difficult for the modern-day traveller to envisage a time when nomadic shamanism, Persian Zoroastrianism and Indian Buddhism predated the monotheism of Islam. A visit to the archeological remains of Kara Tepe and Fayaz Tepe, however, requires from the visitor just such a leap of faith. Fayaz

Derbent, Baisun, Sirab And Shirabad

Pass through the Iron Gates and one approaches a triangle of secluded mountain villages offering access to the isolated mountains and river gorges beyond. The geology of the area lies open for all to see and is ripe for exploration. Derbent (Derband) is the first of the three towns to be reached from the west and nestles at the foot

Hakim Al Termezi Mausoleum

Sufi Abu Abdullah Mohammed ibn Ali al Termezi, nicknamed ‘al Hakkim’ (the wise), was a ninth century Sufic, jurist, mystic and author who lived and received his pupils in Old Termez. After an education in Balkh and a hajj to Mecca at the tender age of 27, Termezi began to write his theories on the terminology for sainthood; the very

Chust Knife And Skullcaps

North of Pap, Chust claims even earlier settlement, for Soviet archaeologists found here a series of crouching corpses dating back to 1000 ВС. The site itself reveals little to the non-specialist, but the town remains a lively one. Chust is long-renowned for knife and skullcap production. Uzbek national knives, date back to the early Stone Age, since when their decorative and

Central Park And Monuments Of Namangan

In common tsarist style, the streets of the Russian town lead to the central park, founded in 1884 as the governor’s garden. Later renamed Pushkin Park and installed with requisite Lenin statue, it now enjoys Babur’s sponsorship and the uninterrupted patronage оf Uzbek patriarchs tea-drinking and chess-playing in the shady calm of heavy chinor trees. The Square to the northwest

Navoi Park

This green haven of trees and boating ponds lies east of Babur Square, In the park’s northeast corner rests the gently decaying splendour of the residence of Akhmed Beg Khodja. This capitalist factory owner fled the Bolsheviks to China, leaving his 1897 home to become a folk museum. Since independence its new role as office for Andijan Muslims does not

Juma Madrassah & Mosque

Andijan’s chief religious complex was built near the bazaar at the end of the 19th century. Extensive restoration followed the 1902 earthquake in order for a Literature museum to be established. Vaulted halls span the corners of a monumental fagade almost 123 metres long. In the centre rises a traditional Ferghana portal crowned by ornamented minarets. From its roof, visitors