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ldquo;Meridian Termez rdquo; Hotel is located in the center of Termez near ldquo;Dustlik rdquo; park. The hotel is 7 km away from the airport, . .
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“Meridian Termez” Hotel is located in the center of Termez near “Dustlik” park. The hotel is 7 km away from the airport, 2 km from the railway station, 1 km from the city market.
The project of “Meridian Termez” Hotel was launched in 2003 by "Nemus GmbH", a German company, a private sponsor and Uzbek companies. In September 2005 “Meridian” opened its doors to the first visitors.
The hotel represents an ideal combination of European quality service and oriental hospitality.
On the left side of the hotel is located a Fitness Center, on its second floor are sauna, shower cabins, phytobar. The guests can enjoy gym, massage rooms, hairdressing salon, post, bank, paper stand, etc.
On the right side of the hotel is a restaurant with 200 seats providing full range of food services. You can try European cuisine, specialties and traditional oriental dishes.
Besides, the hotel has: separate hall for breakfasts on the first floor; lobby bar accommodating 40 people; restaurant "Welcome Bar" on the second floor (30 seats); bar on the roof (180 seats) open in warm seasons.
The hotel also has a conference hall on the second floor with 30 seats, furnished with around table and all necessary facilities. There is a banquette hall for 200 persons.
Besides that, the hotel complex “Meridian Termez” provides following services:
- excursion with guide-interpreter;
- car services;
- air-tickets reservation;
- souvenir shopping;
- personal services (laundry, ironing, etc.);
- organization and holding of folk shows, meetings, presentations, festivities, solemn occasions, etc.
Having chosen “Meridian Termez” Hotel, you will have permanent memories of cordial oriental hospitality and bright impressions on the majesty and culture of ancient Surkhan.
Each room is equipped with air conditioning system, satellite TV, telephone allowing international calls, mini-bar. 24-hour room service. 
Number of rooms: 50 (16 Single, 28 Double and 6 Luxe).

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